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What is Customer Acquisition?

Customer Acquisition is the attraction and retention of new customers to grow your business. So, how do we do it and can it be done better? Are you effectively using the full resources of your business to drive B2B customer acquisition or is new customer acquisition something you leave solely to a new business department? […]

50 Employee Perks to Offer Staff

Businesses will use all kinds of incentives to encourage staff to work well. These efforts lead to better personal development, higher work output, and greater business success. A popular way to achieve this is by using an employee perk. However, they only work well if people find them interesting enough to aspire to them. Whether […]

Customer Acquisition Strategy

For any business to succeed, it’s important to have a good level of acquisition from your customers. With the right steps in place, employers will be able to boost all kinds of marketing schemes to their full potential. So, what exactly is ‘customer acquisition’? Well, in simple terms, it’s all about bringing in new customers […]

A Guide to Working Overtime

When businesses fall behind on projects or deadlines, they often present the notion of working overtime. However, there are specific legal and moral requirements needed before initiating this. It’s not as simple as asking employees to stay behind and work longer than normal. One bad move and you could end up breaching contracts and legislation. […]

What is Customer Acquisition Cost?

Every business should aim to have a steady number of loyal, content, and happy customers. But whether you’re caring for current ones or attracting new people, employers need to plan their ‘customer acquisition cost’. This term is often chucked about within the marketing realm; but what does it actually mean? Well, customer acquisition is all […]

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing; all of which affects how people think, feel, and act. A big part of mental health, and how we manage it, determines how stress is managed. It also affects how we relate to other people, as well as the way choices are made. In all, it […]

What is Company Culture?

Every business will present their own kind of values, ethics, and missions. These are known as ‘company culture’. The culture of a company will indicate how its workplace represents itself. Some rules might include supporting new employees during their first weeks. Others may promote sharing commission pay with all team-members. Whatever your rules may be, […]

How to improve employee engagement

Employee engagement plays an important role in the success of organisations. It refers to the level of emotional commitment and involvement employees have towards their work, the organisation’s goals, and its overall mission. When employees are engaged, they are more motivated, productive, and dedicated to achieving exceptional results. The importance of employee engagement cannot be […]

Employee Engagement Survey

When your employees are fully engaged at work, the benefits seep into all areas of the company. From productivity output to customer experience – employee engagement is an important business practice you can’t afford to neglect. One tried-and-tested way that helps regulate this is using employee engagement surveys. These questionnaires are different to your regular […]