Getting Results from Your Employee Recognition Platform

Building a positive workplace culture – and the incredible results that can emerge – are accelerated by integrating an online employee recognition platform.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more productive. And when employees feel part of a team, there is a positive impact on culture, wellbeing and happiness.

Employee Recognition

Thank you for all your help You're a valued member of our team! Good work!

Thank you for all your help You're a valued member of our team! Good work!

The Power of a Thank You in Employee Recognition

When your employees receive messages of thanks from co-workers, or managers, about how important and valuable their work is – that their contribution matters – they do more of it, more often. It’s a simple concept, but extremely effective.

By giving each and every employee the power to publicly thank their colleagues with an online employee recognition platform, you’ll bring employees closer to the company’s mission, vision and purpose. In turn, this increases employee engagement and loyalty.

What happens? Employees stay loyal, do more, and feel engaged while doing it.

When staff exhibit your company’s values they excel in their roles. Our employee recognition platform offers a public forum for those achievements to be celebrated by other employees – across departments, sites and across all levels of hierarchy.

The Love2shop Engagement Platform focuses upon building strong relationships between staff, but managers can issue their own praise through the system. Or, they can piggy-back on praise between staff. By chipping in ‘comments’ and ‘likes’, they can highlight particularly valuable achievements.
Administrators enjoy a bird’s eye view of the ways in which staff recognise each other across departments and locations. This gives you, the system owner, valuable insights on how your business interacts.

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See How Our Employee Recognition Platform Works

Core Features:

You have the freedom to configure our employee recognition platform to suit your engagement strategy. You can easily add or remove features depending on the uptake and effectiveness of your campaign or on your evolving business needs as the platform grows with you.


Profiles are the daily, personal way your employees interact with social recognition. Employee profiles let staff express, publicly, what they actually do in an organisation and what the values of a company really mean to them.

Automated communications

Our platform offers a raft of communication options, every one being an opportunity to deepen the bond between staff and their employer. We use attractive HTML emails to push alerts to your staff when the recognition platform needs their attention.

Manager perks

Employees can opt to exchange their reward points for one-off perks around the office. With a sufficient points threshold met, an employee can cash their points in for a special treat, like an afternoon off, or a coffee from the boss.

Long service awards

Use our Love2shop Engagement Platform to thank your employees for loyal service. Integrate gratitude for long service into the employee’s public profile.

Recognise again

Managers will have a different perspective on what employees are being recognised for. The ‘Recognise Again’ feature gives managers the chance to drive home the value of a particular piece of work. By injecting the perspective of management, additional weight is given to the recognition.


We can tailor the appearance of the platform to reflect your company’s visual identity. Create positive associations between you (the employer), positive workplace experiences and other team members. All branded to reflect your business. It can also be delivered in multiple languages.

Company awards

Any award you want to host inside your company can be created through the simple administration panel. Whether it’s an award for monthly acts of generosity, employee of the month or anything else that crosses your mind.

Go mobile

Employees no longer spend their time chained to a desk. Our platform is fully mobile-optimised. This gives staff access to all features, whether they’re at home or on the road. The platform is accessed through the users’ web browser of choice (on Android or iOS devises), through a universal URL.

Reporting suite

We offer a comprehensive reporting tool with insights at the employee, manager, director and administrator level. This helps businesses grasp how their employees are engaging with the recognition platform.


Our integrations make it easy to share your recognition wall of fame entries with popular 3rd party systems.
Inter-system sharing applies to individual recognitions, team recognitions, adhoc rewards and even service awards.

Salesforce Chatter
Slack from Salesforce
Microsoft Teams

Sync your HR data

We can seamlessly sync data from your HR/IS system to our recognition platform by posting XML files via our REST API.

Add new employees, replace existing employee information and remove employees who have left.

Syncronise with your defined hierarchy. Add or change positions, assign or remove employees.

Update your employee data on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis if you choose.

Simple sign-on

To ensure a seamless login experience for your employees we support the following Sign On methods:

System Account

By default, when you add an employee they are emailed a registration link.

Upon clicking this link they set a password which they use to enter in the future.

3rd Party Sign On

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As well as logging in using an email and password you can also allow your employees to login with one of their existing accounts.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on is a mechanism that allows you to authenticate employees in your systems and tell us that the employee has been authenticated without sharing their login details with us. The employee is then allowed to access your scheme without having to enter separate login details.

We support two methods of single sign-on:

Simple integration for any workplace

Our Employee Recognition Platform can be configured based on your preferences. So while we can build your site in a day you still have to give consideration to your wider project planning needs. Also consider internal communications, training needs, and go live date.

Our expert team will guide you through the different project stages to make sure your recognition scheme looks the part and delivers against your objectives.

Simple, affordable pricing

We operate a transparent pricing model that scales according to your need and complexity of setup.

Options suitable for SMEs through to large multi-national corporations.




per employee/month




per employee/month

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Love2shop Engagement Platform, our team would love to talk.


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