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Can you use Love2shop Vouchers online?


find out if you can use Love2shop vouchers online

The short answer is no, there’s no way to use Love2shop vouchers online.

That’s not the end of the story though. For anyone in need of an online reward, our catalogue has you well and truly covered.

Love2shop Gift cards can be spent at selected online retailers

Love2shop Gift CardsThe Love2shop Gift Card is one of the most popular rewards in the UK right now. It’s a powerful mutli-retailer reward option.

On top of to the 95+ in-store places to spend our gift cards, you can spend them on the websites of selected retailers.  We partner with a select group of online stores, who take our card direct on their websites. That includes popular brands like Argos and MasterChef.

See the full list of retailers and online spend available on our gift card here.

E-gift cards come with online retailers

Love2shop Gift Cards also give recipients access to our e-gift cards. E-gift cards are digitally-delivered gift cards than can be spent online and in-store.

Using our mobile app or, card holders swap the value of the funds on their Love2shop Gift Card for an e-gift card of equivalent value.

The e-gift card arrives over email, along with easy three-step instructions on how to redeem it online or in person.

The Love2shop E-gift Card range is a thrilling blend of high street brands, online shopping, exclusive experiences, dining out and more.

Combined with our direct online spend options, there’s plenty of online rewards available through the Love2shop Gift Card. All while keeping an in-store spend option.

Read more about the Love2shop Gift Card and its online features here.

Fully digital rewards with Evolve

Digital RewardsIf online is your destination, why not start there?

Our digital rewards platform, Evolve, is based around digital reward codes. Distributed instantly through SMS or email, the codes unlock a giant catalogue of rewards.

Once in the catalogue, your recipient just picks the reward at the value they want. We handle everything else.

Our codes are lightning fast, and incredibly simple. They’re a great option for a business that needs to send rewards fast to just about anyone, anywhere.

Going fully digital also doesn’t cost the end user anything, in cost or choice. A huge reward catalogue is available to anyone with a Love2shop Reward Code.

They can keep the whole reward redemption online, or order their own vouchers or gift card from the catalogue. And as we said above, we handle all the delivery for you.

Read more about the Evolve platform here.

Going online with Love2shop

While you can’t use a Love2shop voucher online, Love2shop’s selection of rewards very much has a home in the digital world.

Whether you need the tactile pleasure of delivering a gift card that accesses digital rewards, or you want to sit fully in the digital world, we have something for your audience.