Boost sales with a refer a friend scheme

With a refer a friend scheme you can encourage loyal customers to advocate for your brand with tempting rewards individuals will love.

Refer a friend

A well-promoted recommend a friend program will incentivise your existing customers with tantalising thank you gifts.

So you can encourage brand advocates to drum up new custom for your business.

"People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend"

Tempting Referral Rewards for Customers

If you want to maximise take up of your recommend a friend scheme then you’ll need to offer referral rewards with universal appeal.

Gift cards accepted across the UK

Love2shop Gift Cards

A Love2shop Gift Card is the perfect way to thank customers for referring a friend.

It is accepted in-store at 85+ retailers and also boasts a massive catalogue of e-gift cards, which cardholders can access by exchanging their balance at

With discounts on large orders and branded cards available, your customers can enjoy ultimate choice of rewards at a price that suits your business.

Digital rewards delivered by Email

Love2shop e-Gift Cards

The Love2shop Digital Rewards platform empowers organisations, rewards consumers or employees through a reward code.

Our digital rewards platform distributes reward codes via email or SMS.

These can then be exchanged for vouchers, gift cards, e-gift cards, merchandise, holidays and more.

"The average lifetime value for referred customers is 16% higher than non-referred customers"

Big Brands Harness the Power of a Refer a Friend Program

We’ve supported many well-known brands in the development of their refer a friend program.

Simple, easy to understand and enticing for the end consumer, these recommendation gifts are extremely simple to manage and cost effective for your business.

Case Study: Energy Supplier

Online Recommend a Friend Scheme

A leading energy firm wanted to prompt their existing customers to interact with friends and family through a digitally-driven recommend a friend scheme.

All customers had to do was download the company app, scan their friend or relative’s bills and show them how much they could save by switching.

For every type of fuel their loved ones signed up to, an existing customer enjoyed £25 in Love2shop Reward Codes (up to a total of £500) that were delivered via email and could be exchanged for a huge selection of reward types, from vouchers to high end-merchandise.

Case Study: Move With Us

Referral Program

Move With Us sought a new way to incentivise a network of independent estate agents (providing property conveyancing solutions) to pass on referrals.

Easy-to-implement and with a wide choice of places to spend, the Love2shop Gift Card was an ideal solution.

“It’s very straightforward for us to top up our gift cards, which means we can deliver rewards quickly and efficiently. There are no postage costs and clients have the added security that if they lose a card and report it, their funds are normally protected. There were some very transparent wins from our point of view.”

Your Business Can Benefit From a Customer Referral Program

When you consider how you decide what to buy and where from, you probably think about recommendations made by trusted friends. If this rings true, then you already understand how crucial your customer referral program can be to sales success.

"84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products"

The very best form of marketing is when you can persuade someone else to do the hard work for you – which is why setting up a refer a friend scheme can bring a much higher return on investment than many other forms of promotional activity.

The benefits of persuading your current customers to recommend a friend include:

Improved brand

Higher lifetime value customers

Better customer retention

Increased market

Easier customer acquisition

Healthy sales

Refer a friend schemes validate a product or service and provide confidence to the potential buyer. When you recommend a friend to a business, you’re acting as an advocate for their brand and giving valuable customer insight into their reputation and quality – and let’s face it, most of us will trust someone we know over a marketing campaign any day.

Types of Refer a Friend Schemes

Essentially, there are two different ways to incentivise a customer to refer a friend:

Reward the referring customer

This type of referral scheme offers a reward or gift to the customer referring a new prospect to your business.

Reward both parties

This type of scheme sees both parties being offered an incentive, so everyone wins, including you!

Of course, while it’s certainly true that the cost of providing an incentive for customer referrals can be returned many times over in purchase value throughout the relationship period, it’s essential that you balance referral costs with projected sales values overall.

Our reward experts can work with you to identify, analyse and calculate your business data and sales figures to ensure a genuine return and maximise the value of any refer a friend scheme you choose to implement.

"Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions"

Our easy-to-understand schemes are a highly effective way to capitalise on brand fans and can be fulfilled using our extensive prize catalogue. Spending is capped within the boundaries laid out by your budget, and rewards an excellent way to prompt your customers to advocate on your behalf. So what are you waiting for?

Send us an enquiry

If you’re seeking a highly appealing reward for your next refer a friend scheme or need a little advice in designing the referral process, we’d love to help.


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