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10 Reasons to upgrade from paper Love2shop Vouchers to plastic Love2shop Gift Cards


Still using paper Love2shop Vouchers? There many reasons why you should upgrade to plastic Love2shop Gift Cards (at no extra cost). 

Here are 10 ways the Love2shop Gift Card is a better reward for employees and customers alike.

1. Bigger brands 6. Mobile app
2. A more personal experience 7. Discounted top ups
3. Load with any value 8. Spend at M&S
4. Cheaper, more secure delivery 9. Use on the Love2shop Holidays website
5. Replacement cards 10. Use on the Argos website


1. Access bigger brands through exchange


By exchanging the balance of a plastic Love2shop Gift Card at, cardholders can access big name brands not available on paper Love2shop Vouchers, such as…

Popular retailers

Treat recipients to dining out

See the full list of where you can spend Love2shop Gift Cards here.


2. A more personal experience for the recipient

Upgrade to a Love2shop Gift Card and make your rewards even more personal to the individual.

Designs to reflect the occasion

A selection of off-the-shelf gift card designs are available at no additional cost to reflect a variety of reasons you might give a gift.

Personalised thank you messages on card carriers

Choose a card design and then add a personalised thank you message addressed to the individual, on the card carrier. Add a message for your entire audience or customise to each individual.


Fully branded cards

Create a completely bespoke gift with a card and carrier that is custom designed to reflect your brand.

3. Load with any value up to £10,000

Where paper Love2shop Vouchers are limited to just £5 and £10 values, with a plastic Love2shop Gift Card you can choose cards loaded with:

  • £5
  • £10
  • £20
  • £25
  • £30
  • £50
  • £100

All with the value printed on the card.

Or you can load with any value you like up to £10,000 (minimum load £5).



4. Lower cost, secure delivery


Low cost, secure delivery options are easy with a Love2shop Gift Card. Unlike a paper voucher, gift cards can be sent inactive. Card are only loaded with funds once they are received by you (please note: this not applicable to all orders, please confirm with our team prior to dispatch).

This means that you can choose to receive them by standard post or lower-cost courier, safe in the knowledge that the cards are worth nothing until they are in your hands.


5. Replacement cards are available if lost or stolen


Once funds have been loaded onto gift cards they are safeguarded and lost/stolen cards can be replaced, whereas paper vouchers are treated like cash. If they are lost then they cannot be replaced. 


6. Access our mobile app


The Love2shop app makes shopping using a Love2shop Gift Card easy, with features such as:

  • A card balance checker
  • Interactive where to spend lists – using geolocation to identify accepting retailers nearby
  • Option to top up cards in seconds whilst on the move (please note: this is not available on all cards, please check with our team)


7. Top up at a discount


Love2shop Gift Cards are available with optional top up functionality (please note: this functionality is only available on particular schemes, such as Everyday Benefits).

Using this feature, cardholders can top up their card as often as they wish at a discount. For example, cardholders could top up their card with £100 worth of value but it would only cost them £93 (please note that discount rates vary).

This is a great way to save money on household expenses and everyday treats, with savings on top ups easily adding up to hundreds of pounds each year.

It’s the perfect employee discount card or customer loyalty mechanic.


8. Spend at M&S


Marks & Spencer accept Love2shop Gift Cards in-store, but not Love2shop Vouchers. So if you want to give your recipients access to this well loved brand, it’s time to switch to plastic!


9. Use online at


Cardholders can spend the balance of their Love2shop Gift Card to book a holiday online through the Love2shop Holidays website (

Love2shop Holidays Website

Whilst Love2shop Vouchers can be redeemed through the Love2shop Holidays team, recipients must call in to spend their balance. Whereas gift card holders can book directly online as soon as they find the perfect trip away.


10. Use online at

argos-logoLove2shop Gift Cards can be spent directly on the Argos website. They are accepted as a form of payment at the online checkout.

For other websites, cardholders can exchange the balance of their gift card for a virtual Mastercard, which is accepted on 50+ retailer websites.


Paper vs Plastic: How do your rewards stack up?





Love2shop Voucher



Love2shop Gift Card


Spend in-store at 95+ retailers  




Available to under 16 year olds  





Value printed on the front  



(Specific card types)

Denominations available £5, £10 £5, £10, £20, £25, £30, £50, £100  or load with any value you like (over £5)
Exchange the balance to spend online  





Exchange the balance to access additional brands (such as John Lewis, ASOS, Starbucks, Zizzi, B&Q and more)  





Themed designs available  





Branded wallets/carrier options  




Branded vouchers/cards  





Personalised presentation option to individual recipients  





Optional ongoing discounts for recipients  




(Specific card types)

Online balance checker  





Mobile app  





Discounts on large corporate orders  



(Bigger discounts available on gift cards)

Low cost delivery option  


(Secure postage required)


(Cards can be activated upon delivery, removing the need for secure postage)

Funds are safeguarded  






Replacement option for lost or stolen  







Upgrade to Love2shop Gift Cards today

The next time you need to place an order, why not opt for plastic Love2shop Gift Cards instead of paper Love2shop Vouchers? 

We can set you up with access to order as and when you wish, simply by calling 0151 653 1752 or contact us here.