International Women’s Day 2023 – Time to Celebrate


“Pausing to applaud

all the women who work here…”

As the UK’s leading gift voucher, corporate rewards and Christmas Savings business, we want to turn our attention to recognising the incredible women in our company to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023.

This year – and beyond – International Women’s Day has said its focus lies with embracing equity. As a company, we also believe that equity is not just a nice-to-have – it is a must-have.

In line with that belief, we also recognise how important it is to understand the difference between ‘equity’ and ‘equality’. So allow us to explain: we support the pursuit of a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination; a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

To celebrate a world where difference is valued and celebrated, we have invited five especially inspiring women from our company to talk about their experiences of work during their careers.

Our colleagues offer a fascinating ‘now and then’ snapshot of how the world of work has evolved in their own lives. Many will draw inspiration from their stories, others may identify with their experiences and enjoy having that resonation and knowing a bit more about a colleague. Connection with others is key to a rewarding life after all.

“Amplifying the visibility and achievements of women … is more important than ever”

Claire Jones, People and Integration Director, (left) explains: “We may celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 once a year but it’s about so much more than just ‘one day’.

“Elevating, celebrating and amplifying the visibility and achievements of women in the workplace is more important than ever. IWD23 carries a strong message about the need to embed a culture of equity within our businesses so that – one day – that is the norm every day of the year.

“The day provides our company with a perfect opportunity to pause and applaud all the women who work here – not just as hard-working, loyal employees but as women who often have other responsibilities in life, too. Women who know all about managing the work-life balance.

“Employees of Love2shop are an incredible bunch for all sorts of reasons, and we thank them for their energy, their team-playing and intelligence, the volunteering they do in the local community, their collective drive, sense of humour and amazing commitment and loyalty.

“We have selected a handful of women we are particularly proud of in 2023 to represent all our women. And we decided to celebrate International Women’s DFay over five days, offering one insightful interview every day launching on March 8th.”

In the top photo from L-R: Hayley Bromley (Finance), Alex Speed (New Business) and Suzanne Haycock (Technology). The women of Love2shop we will be highlighting this week, are:

  • Alex Speed, Head of New Business Development. Alex revealed how change in corporate culture saw some people leave the business: “Change can make things a little more exciting and different… now we are a much more open and inclusive environment.”
  • Brenda Mills, Head of Services and Experience Operations. She recalls regular meetings where she was the “the only woman in a room of 10 men”. Brenda started her career as a professional ballet dancer before becoming an entrepreneur and eventually a senior Love2shop executive. She says: “There are more women in senior positions than before – which is how it should be.”
  • Hayley Bromley, Treasury Manager. Hayley began her adult life on the high seas – working as an operator mechanic on the radar and guns of an aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy. Since then, she’s discovered her main talents are in finance, and is now taking accountancy qualifications. “I now feel like I am in a very open and inclusive atmosphere.”
  • Janine Murphy, Fulfilment Manager. Janine was just 18 when she first walked into Love2shop’s fulfilment centre as a temporary worker. 27 years later she is running the operation. She described her early days in the business as “working in a man’s world”.
  • Suzanne Haycock, Head of Service Management (technology). Suzanne joined Love2shop just five months ago but is already impressed by the company’s progressive culture: “I think the culture here is very collaborative … People are very supportive of each other.”

Claire added: “We are encouraging our women to book into any of the online events available to celebrate International Women’s Day and to join our own internal events: one organised by parent company, PayPoint and one at our Liverpool headquarters.

“As a company, we are also committed to continue to strengthen equity in women’s working lives, and actively encourage women to be involved in technology, innovation and digital education – the brilliant themes for women everywhere in 2023.”

Internally, the company is inviting colleagues to attend an online event organised by parent company, PayPoint Group, when three more incredible speakers will share their inspiring stories.

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