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Revealed: What UK consumers want from their company this Christmas


We asked more than 3,000 UK consumers what kind of gift they wanted from their company this Christmas. It turns out they love gift cards!

The big winner, again, was a gift card to spend in a retailer of their choice, and second place went to time off. Takeaways, Christmas parties, hampers, and a team lunch made up the rest of the pack.

The full results are below:

Christmas rewards poll results:

Which would you most like to receive from your company for Christmas?

Staff Christmas party 7.9%
Christmas hamper 14.8%
Time off work 23.6%
A takeaway 2.3%
Team Christmas lunch 5.5%
A gift card for your choice of retailer 45.8%

Total responses: 3,429*

Reading into the numbers

While gift cards have won the day on the poll, we can’t ignore how well the offer of time off did as well.

A day off work is fundamentally a day where you get to choose what to do. A multi-retailer gift card, or a gift card for a retailer of your choice, is also driven by handing employees the opportunity to make their own choices.

This poll reflects a trend we’ve seen in our other recent surveys, where consumers have told us they want to make their own decisions about what they do. Not just about the gifts they receive from brands, but about their time and their money.

As we’ll point out below, this trend towards gift cards and personal choice is reflected in our other polls around what kind of rewards the public like.

Other recent poll results

The company Christmas gift poll isn’t the only one we conducted recently. We also asked more than 13,000 consumers what their preferred gifts are for staying loyal to a company, and which new customer gifts would prompt them to switch to a new supplier.

On both counts, a gift card was once again the clear winner. You can read more about the results here, but a gift card (with the consumer’s choice of retailer) comfortably came first for both loyalty and acquisition, with a discount on their next bill or purchase bringing up second place.

And even then, the discount comes back to choice. A customer is choosing where their money goes, rather than giving it to their utility supplier or insurance company. They’re empowered to make their own choice about where and when they spend their rewards.

Over to you

If you haven’t set your Christmas staff gifts in stone yet, it’s worth taking a second to reassess your plans.

With Love2shop’s help, you might be able to simplify your Christmas gifts to staff, and maybe even save yourself some money, by switching to a physical or digital gift card.

If you want to talk about it, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be here to talk about Christmas right up until the 24th of December.

*Poll data was gathered from recipients of a Love2shop e-Gift Card in September and October 2021.