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Five Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Enamoured With Your Benefits

If your employees aren’t engaged, you can guarantee that this is having a negative impact on performance and sales. Gallup Research reports that employees that aren’t engaged are likely to spread negativity among the workforce. If you think your employee engagement efforts are faltering, then a few tweaks to your benefits package could help turn the tide back in your favour.

Here are five reasons your employee benefits may not be having the effect you desire:

1. They Don’t Prioritise Employee Needs

Introducing fun and unique employee benefits are a nice way to grab headlines but are there more important aspects of employee life that you should be focusing on? Flashy gifts and fancy office improvements might seem like a great way to set your company apart from the crowd but if your employees are feeling overworked and undervalued, perhaps an alternative perk may be better suited? Research shows that a large portion of employees feel overwhelmed with their current workload so perhaps giving them a more flexible approach to the work/life balance would go a long way?

2. You Aren’t Updating Benefits Often Enough

If you are only updating your benefits portfolio once in a blue moon, this could be the reason that employee uptake is low. A lot can change in a relatively short space of time, employees will have come and gone and the dynamic of the workplace will have evolved dramatically. For this reason, you should analyse the effectiveness of each benefits programme on a regular basis and this way you can tweak it to meet the needs of your workforce. Staff motivation is a continual motion and as a result, you should view it as a journey rather than a destination.

3. You Haven’t Factored in Wellness and Balance

Wellness in the workplace is a key aspect of employee engagement and as a company you should be doing all you can to make your employees happy. Employees spend a vast amount of their lives at work and as a result, it is your role to make this time a positive experience. Talk openly with your employees and ask them how you can improve their health and wellbeing at work. Use these answers to improve your employee engagement and remember that the more engagement is talked about, the more chances you have of creating an engaged workforce.

4. They Don’t Get It

One of the main reasons your employee engagement scheme hasn’t taken off comes down to communication. Do your employees know how to achieve the necessary steps involved in receiving the rewards? Do they even know what the rewards are? If you haven’t taken the time to communicate the benefits on offer, is it a surprise that your employees aren’t excited about it? It is your responsibility to make sure that every employee is briefed about the reward scheme and if you haven’t touched on it since it was introduced then it could simply be a case of out of sight out of mind.

5. It Doesn’t Engage Everyone

Creating an employee reward scheme that complements the needs of all staff members is no easy feat. However, even if your workplace is made up of people of different ages, genders and religions, there are ways to ensure it motivates the majority of your workplace. Get your employees involved, as this is the only way that you will know what motivates every one of them.

Is your employee engagement scheme as effective as it could be?