How to Name Your Employee Rewards Scheme

In order for your employee reward scheme to generate maximum engagement, every aspect of it should be intriguing from the outset and the naming of it during the pre-launch process is no exception.

If you are in the midst of creating an incentive scheme of some sort it is natural to want your workforce to be as enthralled with it as you are. With this in mind, here are five tips to selecting a name that is as innovative as the program itself.

Get The Team Involved

The development of an up-coming employee reward scheme needn’t be a secret, in fact, there are many positive aspects to sharing news about the scheme, teasing staff even in its early days.

Start as you mean to go on and involve your team members in the naming process. Not only will involving your employees in these crucial initial stages create stakeholder engagement, it will help foster an inclusive working environment and it shows that you as a company value the opinions of workers ‘on the front line’. This is a superb way of getting your employees talking about the program which in turn will create a buzz around the launch. You can either encourage employees to submit their own ideas for names or provide them with a selection of names that have made it into your shortlist and allow them to vote for their favourite.

It’s All Relative

A successful employee reward scheme needs to stand out from the crowd and a unique name combined with a theme that runs throughout all communications is one way to do this. However, choosing a name that is unique does come with its pitfalls. It is essential that employees understand the meaning behind the name and above all, that it relates to your company, its values and the workforce demographic. If your rewards relate to a certain industry or topic, for example health, use this to create a fitting name. Don’t feel too restrained by external corporate brand guidelines, remember that this is an internal initiative and a conversational tone will go down well.

Make it Memorable

One of the most important tasks when naming your reward program is to make it memorable. Sometimes, one word names are the most effective and have the advantage of being simple to remember. Whatever you decide to call the scheme, make sure that it is easy to pronounce. If you choose a name that is complicated, you run the risk of employees losing interest in the scheme before it has even launched.