News: Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland delights 4,000 employees with the launch of the Leo Points recognition scheme


This week, hotel chain Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland, has enhanced its employee value proposition, with the launch of a social recognition platform.

Titled ‘Leo Points’, this peer-to-peer recognition system hands every employee the opportunity to publicly celebrate their colleagues’ achievements. That could be anything from chipping in to help prepare rooms on time for guests, to being named personally on a guest review. In fact, anything that employees and their peers value.

By letting all Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels employees recognise each other – regardless of their place in the company – Leo Points puts aside traditional organisational hierarchies, to bring the whole company together through one platform. This helps employees build better relationships with their work, their colleagues and their employer.

Sarah Hoyle, Group Employee Relations and Engagement Manager at Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland, said: “Our employees are positive, helpful and dedicated people, and we are extremely proud of the outstanding work they do every day.

We believe they deserve recognition, not just from their managers but also from each other. Leo Points will give all of our employees the chance to recognise the amazing things their colleagues do day in, day out. We’re excited to see our employees celebrate what makes their work at Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland so special!”

As a leading hotel chain, employees range from kitchen porters to receptionists, and are located across the UK and Ireland and operate under two brands.  Leo Points bridges the divide, allowing both fixed and mobile workers to recognise each other’s achievements in real time.

The system provides a way to recognise those who demonstrate the company’s culture and values – characterised by enthusiasm and doing the simple things brilliantly, whilst upholding traditional hospitality principles.

Adam Whatling, Global Engagement Lead at Love2shop, said: “The employees at Jurys Inns and Leonardo Hotels are going to love recognising each other through Leo Points. With 3,800+ employees spread across 48 hotels in the UK, they are a perfect candidate for our centralised recognition platform.

When the Brighton team celebrate each other’s achievements, employees from every hotel in the company, all the way up to Inverness, will be able to see it and offer their congratulations.

That inclusive, positive recognition will guide Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland to a more collaborative and supportive environment for all of their employees. We are all ecstatic about the launch, and we can’t wait to see Jurys Inns and Leonardo Hotel teams embrace the program and celebrate their exceptional work.”