Experience Love2shop on the move with our new app

Great products become a great experience with the Love2shop app.

At Love2shop, we’re focused on improving the quality of our digital offerings and the quality of the customer experience with our products. The Love2shop App therefore plays a big role in both of these areas.

Our gift cards, digital reward codes and Everyday Benefits cards can be managed through our app. It offers users a centralised, mobile way to manage a Love2shop account. The app does everything Love2shop.co.uk does, but fully mobile and with some extra app-exclusive features.

Try it now on Apple or Android.

Features of the new Love2shop app:

  • Optical character recognition: Cut down the registration time of our cards and codes by using your phone camera. Read card details, then register them in a flash.
  • Geo-location: Find places close to you to spend your Love2shop Gift Card or Everyday Benefits card. Sort by distance or by category to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Balance checks: Keep track of the balance of gift cards, e-gift cards, Everyday Benefits cards and supermarket cards. Additionally, you can havealerts pushed to your mobile when cards pass certain balance levels.
  • Biometric access with Touch ID: Accessing your Love2shop app is extremely fast and simple by using fingerprints to unlock the app.
  • Card storage and management: Register and manage Love2shop Gift Cards, Everyday Benefits cards, e-gift cards and supermarket cards*.
  • Secure bank detail storage: Keep your debit card bank details stored for easy top ups on gift cards, Everyday Benefits Cards and supermarket cards. We use tokenisation, so your bank details are as secure as possible.
  • Top up cards: Top up your reloadable gift cards at a discount, then find somewhere nearby to spend it*.
  • E-gift card exchange: Trade the value of a reward code or gift card for our massive catalogue of e-gift cards.

As a result of these features, the app big change to how our customers interact with our market-leading products. By centralising our experience in one simple app, Love2shop products slot easily into the needs and wants of modern lifestyles.

Extras only available to Everyday Benefits users:

The new app also caters to our Everyday Benefits customers with a suite of features.

Everyday Benefits users get discounts when they:

  • Top up Everyday Benefits cards
  • Top up supermarket cards.
  • Buy holiday gift cards.
  • Enjoy days out at Merlin attractions.
  • Purchase dining codes.

Together with the crisp presentation and time-saving features, it makes the Everyday Benefits service a more pleasing way to bring extra value to our employee benefits platform.

A separate Everyday Benefits app is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

*Top ups are only available on reloadable gift cards.