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Where to buy Love2shop Vouchers – three places you can use today


where to buy love2shop vouchers

It’s not a shock that we often get asked where to buy Love2shop vouchers.

They’re the UK’s most popular multi-retailer gift card and have been the mainstay of our business for decades.

Lots of people receive Love2shop Gift Vouchers as birthday or Christmas gifts, rewards for job performance, or payment at the till.

But you won’t see Love2shop on the shelf in a shop, so not everyone knows where you can actually buy our vouchers.

There are three ways to get yourself a wallet full of Love2shop Gift Vouchers. is the UK’s number one destination for vouchers and gift cards.

They’ll service any order of Love2shop vouchers, Love2shop gift cards or single-store gift cards below £10,000.

They also offer special little perks like free greetings cards. Orders placed before 11am Monday through Thursday are also eligible for next day delivery.

If you want Love2shop vouchers and you want them now, is where you need to be.

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That’s us. We sell Love2shop Gift Vouchers as one of our reward and incentive products.

Unlike, we exclusively handle business orders over £1,000.

Our Business Development team are the link between what you need and what we do best.

They listen to our clients, then put them in touch with the right products and platforms. Sometimes that’s a clutch of Love2shop vouchers, sometimes it’s digital reward codes, gift cards, or our dedicated reward and incentive platforms.

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Love2shop Self-Serve

Self-serve is our dedicated web resource for business customers.

Order gift vouchers, gift cards and reward codes at your leisure. It’s also an account management portal for businesses.

Access your order history, use a credit account, enjoy an agreed discount (on larger, ongoing orders) and access next day delivery on orders before 11am.

If you’re a business, and you want Love2shop vouchers, talk to our team today.

They’ll make sure you’re furnished with Love2shop vouchers as soon as possible.

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Where to buy Love2shop vouchers should never be a problem.

There’s three simple, accessible places to get your hands on our vouchers whether you’re a customer or business.