Everyone forgets one important thing about plastic gift cards

Plastic gift cards can be reloadable!

We want to banish the idea that plastic gift cards are single-use, disposable products.

We stock reloadable gift cards that offer real long-term value. Reloading takes a one-off gift and turns it into a reward mechanism that works for years.

Reload your own gift card

Reloading plastic gift cards is the crux of our Everyday Benefits (EDB) service.

Staff reload their own gift cards at a discount, and make huge savings. Even a casual EDB user will save hundreds of pounds a year.

Beyond discounting gift card top-ups for staff, the card comes with other benefits. That includes:

  • Cinema tickets
  • Theme park tickets
  • Holidays
  • Other gift cards
  • Supermarket card top-ups

Read more about our Everyday Benefits gift cards here.

Reload someone else’s gift card

Reloadable plastic gift cards offer you more than a one-time reward. They give you the chance to think long-term about staff rewards and customer loyalty.

Staff achievements

Topping up Everyday Benefits cards makes rewarding employees easy. You don’t need to order new rewards every time you thank staff for their achievements.

Top up their reloadable gift cards. Then thank them face-to-face, or through your company’s recognition systems, like you would anyway.

This makes it very simple for situations like:

  • Large-scale team achievements
  • Issuing different values of reward across a whole organisation
  • Rewarding staff across multiple sites
  • Needing to reward mobile or remote staff

It also works for rewarding a single employee, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re rewarding long service, reaching milestones, or anything else.

It’s simple and effective when you use a reloadable plastic gift card.

Customer gratitude

Our Member Benefits card is the customer-facing version of the Everyday Benefits card. Rewarding your customers for their positive behaviour has two benefits:

  • Boosting loyalty through rewards
  • Building more positive behaviour in the future

Reward for pure longevity, buying promoted products, referrals, and more. Anything that makes sense for your business and your customers.

The customer doesn’t even need their card on them – you only need to keep their card number in your database to top it up.

You can then email or call them to say thank you after the top-up. Or say it face-to-face when they’re on the premises.

Talk to us

By the way, if any of this sounds like a good idea for your business, get in touch. We’re experts on this, and we always want to talk about it.

We’d love to guide you through setting up a customer or staff reward scheme.

Use the form at the bottom of this page, or get in touch on our contact page.

Drop the idea that a plastic gift card is a one-dimensional product

A reloadable gift card lives many lives. Especially multi-retailer plastic gift cards like ours. One reloadable Love2shop Gift Card is access to fashion , a holiday, a skydiving experience, cinemas and more.

What makes reloadable Love2shop Gift Cards so special

Love2shop Gift Cards are among the most exciting reward products in the UK. Spend them in-store at more than 95 popular stores, or exchange card balance online for our e-gift cards.

The e-gift card exchange on lets cardholders swap the funds on their gift card for an extra set of brands.

Combined, reloadable Love2shop Gift Cards offer a huge choice of high street retailers, online shopping, holidays, exclusive experiences and more.

Read more about our gift cards here.

Goodbye, old friend: we are discontinuing the £1 Love2shop Gift Voucher

After more than twenty years, Love2shop is saying goodbye to the £1 denomination of the Love2shop Gift Voucher.

We know it’s the right thing to do, and we know we’re doing this for the right reasons, but it’s still a little bit bittersweet.

Our £1 voucher has been a part of the history of not just Love2shop, but our sister companies and Park Christmas Savings too.

Over the years the £1 voucher has been there for hundreds of thousands of birthdays, Christmas dinners, presents, incentives, rewards and more.

The times, they are a-changing

But, it’s time for us to make this change. There just isn’t the same demand for a £1 voucher these days, and as of August 15th 2019, the voucher will disappear.

Our Business Development team, Love2shop Self-Serve, and will stop selling the voucher to the public.

Don’t panic if you have a clutch of £1 vouchers that haven’t been redeemed yet.

Any vouchers still in circulation will honoured until their expiry date, that’s still business as usual.

We’ll also keep stocking the £5 and £10 vouchers, so any clients with a paper preference will be catered for.

Seizing an opportunity

Change isn’t a bad thing though. It’s an opportunity.

Love2shop, and Park Group itself, have always been proud of our ability to adapt and develop over time.

While the £1 voucher is sailing off into the sunset, we’re strengthening what we offer in other areas.

For instance, over the last year our gift card has seen an enormous surge in of interest.

Many more of our clients making the full-time switch to plastic.

In turn, we’ve strengthened the gift card by opening our library of e-gift cards.

E-gift cards are a further selection of brands a cardholder can access through or our app.

You can read more about how great our e-gift card options are here.

The Love2shop app

Speaking of our app, the Love2shop App itself is a huge development.

It brings the Love2shop Gift Card experience back in line with what modern consumers expect from their digital experience.

Card registration, finding places to spend, trading for e-gift cards, managing cards and more is now a seamless mobile on experience on Apple and Android.

Talk to us

If you have any concerns about how the disappearance of the £1 voucher might affect your business’ rewards or incentives, just get in touch.

Our team are available 09:00 -17:00 on weekdays, and they’re always happy to help our clients.

You can call, email, or use the web chat function on this site.


questions to ask your corporate gift cards supplier

5 questions you should ask a corporate gift cards supplier

where to buy love2shop vouchers

Where to buy Love2shop Vouchers – three places you can use today

It’s not a shock that we often get asked where to buy Love2shop vouchers.

They’re the UK’s most popular multi-retailer gift card and have been the mainstay of our business for decades.

Lots of people receive Love2shop Gift Vouchers as birthday or Christmas gifts, rewards for job performance, or payment at the till.

But you won’t see Love2shop on the shelf in a shop, so not everyone knows where you can actually buy our vouchers.

There are three ways to get yourself a wallet full of Love2shop Gift Vouchers. is the UK’s number one destination for vouchers and gift cards.

They’ll service any order of Love2shop vouchers, Love2shop gift cards or single-store gift cards below £10,000.

They also offer special little perks like free greetings cards. Orders placed before 11am Monday through Thursday are also eligible for next day delivery.

If you want Love2shop vouchers and you want them now, is where you need to be.

Buy Love2shop vouchers on


That’s us. We sell Love2shop Gift Vouchers as one of our reward and incentive products.

Unlike, we exclusively handle business orders over £1,000.

Our Business Development team are the link between what you need and what we do best.

They listen to our clients, then put them in touch with the right products and platforms. Sometimes that’s a clutch of Love2shop vouchers, sometimes it’s digital reward codes, gift cards, or our dedicated reward and incentive platforms.

Speak to Love2shop today

Love2shop Self-Serve

Self-serve is our dedicated web resource for business customers.

Order gift vouchers, gift cards and reward codes at your leisure. It’s also an account management portal for businesses.

Access your order history, use a credit account, enjoy an agreed discount (on larger, ongoing orders) and access next day delivery on orders before 11am.

If you’re a business, and you want Love2shop vouchers, talk to our team today.

They’ll make sure you’re furnished with Love2shop vouchers as soon as possible.

Get in touch with Love2shop today

Where to buy Love2shop vouchers should never be a problem.

There’s three simple, accessible places to get your hands on our vouchers whether you’re a customer or business.


Digital Rewards: The Evolution of Reward Technology


The Benefits of E-codes (Digital Rewards)

With consumers increasingly confident with the electronic world, there’s never been a better time to investigate e-code rewards for use in consumer loyalty schemes. With the needs of harassed retailers everywhere firmly in mind, here is our list of the top benefits of e-code rewards.

1. Instant gratification

E-codes can be delivered to a phone, tablet or computer virtually instantly, meaning that the customer can be quickly enjoying their reward, potentially even increasing spend on the same visit.

2. Security

It’s difficult for e-codes to be activated by anyone other than the intended recipient because they are associated directly with the end-user.

3. Cheap to produce

Once you’ve created your electronic e-code, you can reproduce it as many times as you like. There are no printing costs.

4. Cheap to deliver

E-codes can be delivered straight to the phone or electronic device of the consumer’s choice without incurring postage costs. While gift cards can be distributed with zero value loaded and therefore relatively cheap to deliver, gift vouchers will incur secure postage costs.

5. Personalised delivery

E-codes can be fully personalised in a more cost-effective manner than either gift cards or paper vouchers. When this is done correctly, it can help people feel like they are genuinely being recognised for their actions and rewards can be tweaked with the season or linked to special events without having to radically change the infrastructure. It also enables firms to rebrand and merge without being left with excess stock.

6. Flexible denominations

Because you are not constrained by print costs and runs, you are less restricted by the denominations you offer. This can create some opportunity for creative consumer rewards based on many differing behaviours with reward values to suit. It also means you can try different things without being trapped by excess stock if something doesn’t work.

7. Increasingly wide acceptance

Smart-phones and tablets now have broad acceptance across the majority of demographics. Most people receive their emails throughout the day, almost irrespective of where they are and what they are doing and e-code rewards are widely accepted by consumers and retailers alike.

8. Works for all sizes of retailer

Complex e-code reward schemes were once the preserve of the major national retailers, but the evolution of technology has now made them potentially cost-effective for far smaller operations, with the range of e-code brands ever expanding.

9. Instant data

E-code rewards offer almost instantaneous data, the holy grail for marketing, sales and finance teams alike. Information that you can use to amend a reward strategy while it’s happening.

Many years ago when brands got their rewards wrong, they would have to simply accept it, hang their heads and take the long walk to the senior leader’s office to explain how long they’d be stuck with a non-performing strategy. Now, problems can be fixed and opportunities exploited almost instantaneously.

Find out more about our e-code distribution system, Evolve Digital Rewards, here.