Corporate rewards don't have to be high tech

11 low and no-budget corporate rewards you can implement in less than a week

You can take responsibility for organising some morale-boosting corporate rewards without a substantial budget.

It doesn’t seem to matter how big or small the budget is; we always seem to end up straining against it like a poorly fit girdle. Without a budget, you need to think outside your budget and find novel ways to reward your team.

Organising inexpensive, or even better free, corporate rewards going will do two things. Firstly, it will improve the attitude and motivation of the staff in your team.

Secondly, you can start to build a case for more rewards. When your employees are happier, more motivated and more productive, it’s easier to justify loosening the purse strings on a corporate reward budget in the future.

11 low and no-budget corporate rewards:

Time with senior leaders

Having a voice in the organisation is important. A chance to share views and news with a senior leader in your company is a luxury few employees have. Motivation and engagement improve when staff feel heard and valued by the company.


Giving someone a bit of extra flexibility is a delightful no-cost way to show your appreciation for big efforts.

A free lunch

Lunch on the house tastes better when it’s a little reward for going the extra mile.


We normally avoid conflating reward and recognition. We really believe it should be built into your company’s approach regardless of rewards. But, if you don’t have a budget for rewards, making recognition a priority asks only for your time. Make it personalised, public and persistent across your department.

VIP parking

It’s a bit fusty and old-fashioned to have special parking spots for execs. But, if you’re still indulging in the habit, get someone to relinquish one for a week to highlight an exceptional effort.

Pick a charity for the month

Set up a change jar in the break room. When it’s full, let someone who’s eared a reward donate it to a charity of their choice.


Time has become one of the most precious commodities in modern life. Reward employees with the chance to give time to charity, or develop professional skills. Or maybe launch projects they’ve kept on the backburner.

Wall of fame

Every week, pick something exceptional or interesting an employee did and highlight it on a communal noticeboard.

Lottery tickets

Even a scratch-off would work. It’s not about the value, it’s about offering a token of appreciation. And, thankfully, the odds of them winning and retiring on the spot are extremely low.

Car wash

Showcase top performers by arranging for their car to be cleaned while they’re at work. Company site rules permitting, of course.


Ask employees what you could do as a thank you. You’ll get a better idea of what employees want from you, you also might get some illuminating answers.

To make these ideas happen, all you need is the will to organise them, and maybe a sliver of your budget. It’s down to leaders like you, regardless of the culture around you, to make corporate rewards a reality. Even if the people in charge of the company’s money don’t think they’re a good use of resources.