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Where to buy Love2shop Gift Cards: Three places you can use right now


If you want to know where to buy Love2shop Gift Cards, this is your guide.

There are three destinations available to you right now:, the Love2shop team, and our self-serve platform.

Which outlet is right for you depends on who you’re buying for, and how much you’re planning to spend.

Buy Love2shop Gift Cards to day with: is the only dedicated customer-facing website for Love2shop products.

They accept any order for gift cards (or vouchers) under £10,000, and offer you next-day delivery.

If you need gift cards and you need them tomorrow, that’s the place you need to be.


You can’t do everything through, though.

Ordering with them means no access to card customisation options, the expertise of our Business Development team, credit facilities, or our different delivery options.

To access those services, you need to talk to Appreciate.

The Love2shop team are your dedicated in-house client support network.

Part of their role is to help process orders for B2B clients, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Our team offer businesses advice on our products, help with executing reward and incentive schemes, and liaise with our design team to generate branded gift cards.

Crucially, they’re also the only way to secure a discount on a big or ongoing order.

We offer a sliding scale of discounts for any order over £1,000, so if you’re buying gift cards for a business and planning to spend more than £1,000 it’s well worth your time getting touch with our team.

Love2shop Self-Serve

Self-Serve is Love2shop in-house order platform.

Using Self-Serve grants you access to special occasion cards, pro-forma invoices, your purchase history, access to a pre-agreed credit account, any negotiated discounts, and even same-day delivery are available.

Self-Serve is ideal for any business that will buy Love2shop Gift Cards more than once.

The order tracking system makes it easy to monitor how much is being spent on rewards.

And, the administrator functions mean you can let other employees place orders for gift cards on your behalf while keeping tight control of budgets.

To get a Self-Serve account set up, just get in touch with the Love2shop and they’ll have your account set up within a day.

Talk to us

When you need to buy Love2shop Gift Cards, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from using one of three destinations today.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch over the phone, email, or through the live chat on this page.

The team would love to speak to you.