How to redeem a Love2shop digital reward code through Evolve

This quick video takes you through the simple process of redeeming a Love2shop digital reward code through Evolve.

Evolve is our instant digital reward system. We issue rewards through SMS or email, and users redeem their rewards online.

Evolve’s simple 1, 2, 3 redemption process

Using an Evolve reward code is simple for your customers or staff. They follow a simple 3-step process:

  1. Receive – The reward code arrives by text or email
  2. Enter – Follow instructions and enter the code on our portal
  3. Redeem – Pick a reward from the catalogue

It’s that easy for your users to grab something they’ll love. And it’s easy for you, sending your rewards digitally.

Simplicity works

This simplicity is what makes reward codes so useful.

Shoot a reward to anyone, anywhere. Let them pick something they’ll love for themselves, and never worry about posting or delivery we handle all of that.


What’s in the Evolve catalogue

Our reward codes open a giant library of gifts.

That includes gift cards, vouchers, and e-gift cards for a variety of popular brands.

Evolve codes access more than 70 popular brands, including our own Love2shop Gift Cards and Vouchers.

Depending on the value of the code, your staff or customers can choose from: high street shopping, online retailers, restaurants, exclusive experiences, holidays and more.


Read more about the benefits of the Evolve digital rewards, and what’s in the Evolve catalogue.


what are e-gift cards

What are e-gift cards? What they are, what they do, and why that’s exciting

E-gift cards are becoming a more popular gift and reward option. We’re excited about working them into what we offer our clients. Even if they seem elusive and new, they’re actually a really simple and delightful product.

If you need to know how to redeem one of our Evolve Digital Reward Codes, click here.

What is an e-gift card?

They are functionally the same as a traditional physical gift card. The only difference is digital delivery.

Cash value loaded on to a plastic gift card isn’t actually on the gift card itself. Gift cards themselves don’t contain the cash value loaded onto them. The gift card is just a physical token of that value.

E-gift cards take the plastic element away. That’s the only significant difference. Instead of using the gift card as the token, an email becomes the token. Everything else, functionally, remains the same for your employees and customers.

Swathes of online retailers, high street shops, leisure brands, restaurants, pubs, cinemas, experiences, holidays and more are available through e-gift cards. And, it’s just as easy as using traditional physical gift cards.

How do e-gift cards work?

As you’ve read, an e-gift card works along the same principles as a physical, plastic gift card. Using one works just like a plastic gift card, only without the plastic. Depending on the specific brand, they’re redeemed online, in store, or both.

Using an e-gift card in store

To keep it simple, they usually arrive in the same format they’re normally used in. They’re sent through emails (and occasionally SMS), so all an e-gift card recipient needs to do is present a copy of the e-gift card. Save a copy of the card number, take a screenshot, or just open up your message/email app and present it when making a purchase.

Using an e-gift card online

For most e-gift cards that can be used online, the process is simple. It just means entering the e-gift card’s number and PIN when making a purchase through the website.

The confirmation email outlines any special instructions. Such as, needing to create an account for online spending, or having to print the gift before using it in store.

How do you buy e-gift cards?

There are two ways to get e-gift card through Love2shop Business. Both are easy for customers and employees.

Love2shop Gift Cards

The first e-gift card method is through Love2shop Gift Cards. The value of a Love2shop Gift Card is exchanged for e-gift cards through, or our app. E-gift cards are sent straight to a user’s email inbox after the exchange.

Evolve digital rewards

The Evolve digital rewards platform also offers e-gift cards. Evolve reward codes, delivered through SMS or email, are redeemed through a simple web portal. The codes open a massive catalogue of rewards, including our selection of e-gift cards.

We’re also working to introduce e-gift cards as a standalone product on our customer-focused sister site,

New digital products like this get us really excited. They’re an interesting new frontier in our mission to develop our digital reward and gift offerings. As more companies try to drive down their dependence on plastics and embrace digital space, expect to see more of these in the future.

Take a look at our e-gift card solutions here >>


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Digital Rewards: The Evolution of Reward Technology


The Benefits of E-codes (Digital Rewards)

With consumers increasingly confident with the electronic world, there’s never been a better time to investigate e-code rewards for use in consumer loyalty schemes. With the needs of harassed retailers everywhere firmly in mind, here is our list of the top benefits of e-code rewards.

1. Instant gratification

E-codes can be delivered to a phone, tablet or computer virtually instantly, meaning that the customer can be quickly enjoying their reward, potentially even increasing spend on the same visit.

2. Security

It’s difficult for e-codes to be activated by anyone other than the intended recipient because they are associated directly with the end-user.

3. Cheap to produce

Once you’ve created your electronic e-code, you can reproduce it as many times as you like. There are no printing costs.

4. Cheap to deliver

E-codes can be delivered straight to the phone or electronic device of the consumer’s choice without incurring postage costs. While gift cards can be distributed with zero value loaded and therefore relatively cheap to deliver, gift vouchers will incur secure postage costs.

5. Personalised delivery

E-codes can be fully personalised in a more cost-effective manner than either gift cards or paper vouchers. When this is done correctly, it can help people feel like they are genuinely being recognised for their actions and rewards can be tweaked with the season or linked to special events without having to radically change the infrastructure. It also enables firms to rebrand and merge without being left with excess stock.

6. Flexible denominations

Because you are not constrained by print costs and runs, you are less restricted by the denominations you offer. This can create some opportunity for creative consumer rewards based on many differing behaviours with reward values to suit. It also means you can try different things without being trapped by excess stock if something doesn’t work.

7. Increasingly wide acceptance

Smart-phones and tablets now have broad acceptance across the majority of demographics. Most people receive their emails throughout the day, almost irrespective of where they are and what they are doing and e-code rewards are widely accepted by consumers and retailers alike.

8. Works for all sizes of retailer

Complex e-code reward schemes were once the preserve of the major national retailers, but the evolution of technology has now made them potentially cost-effective for far smaller operations, with the range of e-code brands ever expanding.

9. Instant data

E-code rewards offer almost instantaneous data, the holy grail for marketing, sales and finance teams alike. Information that you can use to amend a reward strategy while it’s happening.

Many years ago when brands got their rewards wrong, they would have to simply accept it, hang their heads and take the long walk to the senior leader’s office to explain how long they’d be stuck with a non-performing strategy. Now, problems can be fixed and opportunities exploited almost instantaneously.

Find out more about our e-code distribution system, Evolve Digital Rewards, here.